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Custom Fitting

PXG custom fitting near me.HEIC

"Experience custom fitting that combines industry leading technology, expert knowledge and the best equipment on the market"
My Golf Matters | Wokingham, Berkshire

What Is Custom Fitting?

Step 1 - Consultation

Your dedicated PGA Qualified Professional will go through some key questions about your game, swing & tendencies during a casual warm up. 

Please bring your club/s with you for this part.

Step 4 - Test & Adjust

Now for the fun bit... here you will test multiple club head and premium shaft combinations including different lofts, lies, lengths and more.

Each club combination's data will again be recorder on Trackman ready for comparison.

Step 2 - Get Some Data

Following the warm up we will get some initial Trackman data using your existing club/s. This gives us baseline figures and helps identify any areas for improvement.

What is Trackman?

Step 5 -Compare & Discuss

Your PGA Qualified Professional will now help you interpret all the Trackman data gathered during the custom fitting and show 'side by side'​ comparisons including your existing golf club/s.

Step 3 - Analyse & Measure

Before testing we will take some basic measurements and examine your initial Trackman data to help give you a better understanding of your unique swing and requirements.

Step 6 - Conclusion

The data will provide us with a fact based conclusion to which club specification/combination is best suited to you as an individual and tailored to your unique swing characteristics. 

We can then proceed with your custom fitting order!

The Custom Fitting Experience.



         PART EXCHANGE AVAILABLE  *decision will be based on condition & resale value.


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